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If you need to overcome a particularly steep slope or impassable off-road, or to cope with the movement in a particularly difficult situation, the best solution is to use the monster truck. This specialized vehicle is equipped with giant wheels and reinforced suspension. Its capabilities far exceed the parameters of conventional SUVs. Such specialized equipment is expensive, and not every driver has the possibility to try it out in practice. And what will happen if you equip such a truck with a nitro accelerator and arrange a race at breakneck speed? This game will help to find the answer to this question at no extra cost. The main thing is to remember three simple rules. The first – you can not win in these races without using nitro. The second is to ram your opponents in order to temporarily disable them. Third, pass the levels several times to get all the achievements you need to unlock new levels and trucks.


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Full Name: Insane Monster Truck Racing
Size: 59MBs

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